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How To Cut MP3 Songs Using Vlc Media player On Your Pc

Segun Balogun



Just going through my tech diary today and found these ,then later decided to share it with you guyz..



How to Cut MP3 Songs using Vlc Media player On Your Pc

Have you ever wanted to use a particular song of any genres ,but the only problem you have is the song instrumental is too long and you just get bored whenever someone call you.., You know just count yourself lucky because this tutorial is going to help you alot..

MP3 cutters is a powerful application that allow you to cut a portion of song and save it for later use. However, for this to be possible , you guyz have to download a third party MP3 cutters from the web. Alternatively, you can also use VLC media player on your PC to cut MP3’s easily. VLC Media player has an inbuilt record tool , which helps you in recording a portion of song. Today i will show you guyz How to use VLC media player as MP3 cutter.


How to Cut MP3 songs using VLC Player

First : Download a VLC Player The first step is downloading VLC player from the official website. ( Click here to download) If you have already installed VLC playerinyour PC then skip this step.

Secondly : Add Songs

Once downloaded and installed, open VLC player on your PC. Now click on Media and select Open File. Now you will be prompted to browse and add the song you wish to cut, so find it and select your song.

Moreover : once you have selected your song, click on View (VLC top menu) and select Advanced Controls. Once selected you will see advanced controls at the bottom of VLC player (a red record icon).


Next, select beginning point by dragging the slider and click on red record button to begin recording. Now the song will be recorded, to stop you have to click on the same red record button. That’s it! You have successfully recorded and saved the music on your hard drive

In addition : Play the recorded file Now you have recorded the file, then it is time to play it. First find the file and the files is normally stored inC\: Users\Your_System_Name\My Music or Music(E.g. C\: Users\Dell\My Music). With the following the above steps, you can cut MP3 songs using VLC player.

This is the easiest way to cut MP3 and the best part is you don’t even require to download external or third party tools as VLC is quiet popular among Windows users and majority of users use it as their primary video and audio player.


, for now you can

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