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How to Create your own Customized and Personalized Browser Online for Free

Segun Balogun



Are you tired of that same browser you used everyday to surf net or  you have been using that same single browser for a very long time then I strongly believe  you might have faced some issues like privacy, signing in and out and more. So you finally decided  to have one new browser that match   your taste and for your own preference.

After surfing the net for a very a longtime , I finally findout that you can create your own browser with your own preference and with your own style just like the other browsers.

Meanwhile when surfing the internet about this  and I got the best tool or the answer. I found one that called as “Makemybrowser“. This online tool will allow everyone to create their own personalized and customised browser easily. Here, for creating the new browser you need to have to be genius in Programming. You an create your new browser just in 5-4 steps. The good news here is, you can create as many browser as you want, even you can create browsers for all your relatives and you can present them as gifts.


WOW! its look like a surprise and you didnt believe that is possible.

Anothing thing is, you can give a well personalized name for your browser, and your company logo or icon and you can choose your own stylish theme to make your browser look awesome and more. Now in this article I’ll show you the step you need to follow and understand  for you to be able to Create your own customized Browser Online for free

Step 1:Go to and then press the “Start Now” as shown below


Step 2:Now add your browser name and upload logo or for you browser.


thanks to for the image

Step 3:After doing the above step, press the Select Bookmarks option and then you will see pre added bookmarks. If you want them then keep it or you can just remove it.

Step 4:Now add your wanted Homepage for your browser and proceed to next step for adding some cool style to your browser.

4-techcribngStep 5:Choose any theme from those 8 and then agree to the terms and click the Finish & Download.

Step 6:Now download your browser it will be just 400KB in size. Then open it up it will download some wanted files online to run your new browser. So wait for sometimes and enjoy accessing your new customized browser.

Your new browser is fully based on Chromium browser. So that all the extension available for chrome are compatible with this browser. Hope you like this article.

Kindly share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments. If you have any issues on creating, share it with us through comments, then we will reply you.


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