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Charge Your Phone By Pouring Coke and Pepsi Into It

Segun Balogun



Medical Doctors all over the world fume over carbonated drinks which are full of sugar and fat. But a Chinese designer has come up with a tremendous idea to charge a mobile phone (using Bio-batteries) with Soft-drinks. Instead of drinking, the phone user needs to pour soft drinks(soda, Coke, fanta , pepsi , limca e.t.c) to power a Nokia phone in a special cell which transforms the energy released by soda, sugar and carbons to create electric charge which can easily charge a phone. today articles looks funny but its real , you can now Charge Your Phones By Pouring Soda coke and Pepsi Into It

charge your phone with pepsi and coke-techcribng


The liquid is poured into a cylindrical container that attaches itself to the back of the mobile phone. When the sugar and carbs have been turned into power, all that would be left is oxygen and water that can be poured out.

The concept idea was designed for a Nokia project to envision an eco-friendly phone for the future. The bio-batteries are fully biodegradable and can last up to three to four times longer than normal lithium batteries on a single charge.

Daizi-Zheng-bio-battery-phone-TECHCRIBNGOnce the charge finishes, only water and oxygen remains, thereby making it economically sustainable as well! Start pouring in it now… Happy new year..

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