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How to Capture Photos by Whistling on Android Devices

Segun Balogun



Technology is improving everyday which had lead to new creative thought and improvement in mobile app and gadget.
Android is a popular operating system based on the Linux kernel with a user interface based on direct  manipulation, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet  computers..
With recent launch of BBM On all android phone with Os 4.0 ,  Android users are increasing in other side developers are developing and designing new app which make it unique from the rest..
Today tutorial sound funny but it is real because i got two android app which can be used to snap picture by just whistling!.. Yes its is real and possible..
The first time i had about it , i laughed then after make  some research on google to find how it works  , what they do, how to download and install it?..
To learn how it works , you will have to follow these tutorial fully.

Whistle camera and whistle cam are the two app that you can to capture images by just whistling.. These app also allows you to share your picture after snaping it directly to some popular social media like facebook ,twitter e.t.c
These application also allows you to snap picture when driving because you don’t need

whistling-techcribng whisting while driving-techcribngwhistle-techcribng2


to touch anything..





Apps to Take a Picture By Whistling

1. Whistle Camera

whistling camera -techcribng

It will let you to take sphotos by whistling. This app can take photos both on front & back camera by whistling. There is also other feature to snap photos by pressing Volume buttons. So there will be three ways to takes photos it makes the users to feel comfortable. The best part here is, after taking photos you can share your photos easily on social medias using the inbuilt sharing feature on this app. You can customize the sensitive for your blowing whistling. You can get this app for free, but in free version you may get Ads which annoy you. So i will advice  you to go for Pro version for Ad free and with other features.
Click To Download Whistle Camera from Google Play Store

2. Whistle Cam

whistle cam-techcribng

Whistle Cam is also works like the Whistle camera , but it has less feature than it! Here also you can snap picture just by whistling. The awesome thing added here is, you can adjust white balance for your photos before taking photos. This is a very good advantage here when compared to Whistle Camera. Here also you can share your photos directly on social media by just tapping the social keys. In this app you can’t use or control the front camera. It will not support you front camera and the sensitivity of the whistle can’t be adjust or changed by you. But others are working fine! Just give a try for it on your mobile!
Download Whistle Cam from Google Play Store

Have you tried these two great apps on your Android mobile or Do you use any app apart from these? Then share your opinion about it in comments! Do some likes and share it with your friends by using our social media button..
Happy snapping


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