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How To Block , Unblock Calls and SMS on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Segun Balogun



Do you know that on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 running smartphone , its easy  to black list contacts of spammers to block calls and SMS. Are you tired of that calls you recieve from that person who annoys you by calling everyday just to disturb you, then this tutorial is for you,
It is not limited to calls only; some troublesome  even annoy you by sending text messages. The best way to get rid of these spammers is by blocking them from calling you and sending text messages to your phone.
Now if you are using a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone then this tutorial is for you because it will help you to block calls and SMS on your smartphone.
Follow these steps below know how you can do this.

Note: Pls make sure that you have latest version of Windows Phone 8 installed.

How to Block SMS and Calls on Windows Phone 8

Step 1:Go to your Apps list by swiping left
Step 2: Scroll down and click on Settings


Step 3:In the Settings, find and tap on Call + SMS filter


Step 4:Now its gonna ask you to accept Nokia terms of use and privacy policy. Accept it to turn on call and SMS filter.


Step 5:Next step is to block calls by adding numbers to black/blocked list
Step 6: for you to achieve this , go to contacts/ call log by taping on Phone app
Step 7:Find and long tap on the number you want to block and select block number from the options.

Note: In case you want to block a SMS sender number, which is not saved in your call log, then long-tap on that SMS and select block number.

Step 8
: Tap on OK to confirm it.

How to Unblock Blocked Numbers

Incase you’ve changed your mind and want to unblock a blocked number then follow these steps to unblock it.

Step 1:Go to Apps List
Step 2: Tap on Settings
Step 3:Tap on Call + SMS filter
Step 4:Tap on Blocked number
Step 5:Tap on the number you want to unblock
Step 6:Tap on Unblock(bottom) to unblock that number from blocked list

By following the above steps, you can block , unblock SMS and calls on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 phone..

Please feel free to ask any questions by using the comment box and then enjoy.

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