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BlackBerry Q30 Windermere Photos & Specs Leaked

Segun Balogun



Since febuary this year, there have been some rumour online about the new BlackBerry Q30 AKA Windermere. The new details confirm some of what has been said before and clarify a few other rumored details. The new blackberry device as you can see from the images keeps the volume control buttons on the right and features an upgraded camera at 13 MP in the back. Some things may not be final such as the back casing of the device which is currently plastic may change to something similar to what is on the current Q10.

Although it remains to be seen what if anything, will become of the alleged BlackBerry Q30 / Windermere, case manufacturers are already getting started on making cases for the device it seems. It’s a pretty common practice in this our very case world. The case manufacturer somehow end up getting the shape of a device before official release and you build a ton of cases for it making you the first to market with…

blackberry q30-techcribngblackberry q30-techcribng2blackberry q30-techcribngblackberry q30-techcribng blackberryq30  techcribng 3



  • *.A 13 MP rear camera
  • *.A 3450 mAH battery (non-removable)
  • *.4+ inc screen 1440 x 1440 Full HD LCD
  • *.480 DPI , before It was said to be 435
  • *.3GB RAM with Adreno 330 OpenGL & Quad-core Snapdragon MSM8974 processor
  • *.Touch-capacitive keyboard –confirmed to be true similar to a trackpad


  • *.By swiping left to right to delete words
  • *. By Swiping the keyboard within the browser on landscape mode for scrolling
  • *.“How does the word prediction work? A Three columns will appear on the screen as you type , that makes it unique.”
  • *. It hasTop and bottom speakers just like the bb Z30
  • *.Charging port is at the bottom..

For me , i dont really like the device because of the rectangular shape and the smaller keyboard at the bottom. one thing that is definitely word looking forward to on this new device is the specs and power that is packing. What are your first impressions on this device so far based on what you now know?

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