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BlackBerry Classic Specification , Photo gallery and Review

Segun Balogun



On Wednesday ,BlackBerry launches the Classic, a new phone for people that want an old keyboard.
In which they believe will convince those holding onto old BlackBerry’s for their keyboard and size to finally upgrade.
Chief Executive John Chen, who presided over the reveal in New York, is sharply changing the touchscreen-only course set by previous helmsman Thorsten Heins. Heins himself was reacting, or overreacting, to the swath that Apple (AAPL) and the Androids have cut through the smartphone market, of which the Canadian company now has less than 1 percent. T oday we are going to discuss BlackBerry Classic Specification ,Photo gallery and Review

Hands-On With the BlackBerry Classic

The display front, consist of a3.5-inch Gorilla Glass hardened 720 x 720 LCD coming in at 294 PPI and for cameras you get an 8MP, backside illuminated, 5 element F2.2 lens shooter on the back while around the front you have a 2MP camera for BBM Meetings, Skype or even some selfie action if you do so desire. If capturing video is your concern, the rear camera can capture up to 1080p with 5x digital zoom while the front can capture up to 720p with 3x digital zoom. Take note that The Classic sells for $449 in the U.S. and C$499 ($429) in Canada.

To round out the features list, the BlackBerry Classic also includes Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, there’s NFC to support mobile payments and file exchange plus it supports Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, and DLNA as well as SlimPort for USB charging and HDMI out and of course, assisted, autonomous, and simultaneous GPS. Aside from the LTE support, you also get 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi in 2.4GHz / 5GHz flavors and USB On-The-Go gets carried over from the BlackBerry Z30 and the BlackBerry Passport, which is a bonus. Have a look below for more detailed specs.

3 bb classic-techcribng

blaberry classic 1-techcribng

blackberry classic 2-techcribng

Hard ware impression

bb classic hardware impression-techcribng


blackberry classic 4-techcribngblackberry classic 4-techcribngbb classic 5-techcribng

bb classic 6-techcribng
Thanks to Crackberry for providing a cool list of navigation keys. Have a look at some of the default actions built into the OS:

  • Launch the Browser – B
    Compose a Message – Within the BlackBerry Hub – C
    Launch the Weather App – W
    Launch the Calculator – U
    Launch BBM – N
    Lock BlackBerry Classic – K
    Toggle Notification Modes – Q
    Launch Settings – O
    Open Contacts/Address Book – A
    Launch Help – H
    Create a new Note – D
    Launch Phone – P
    Launch Clock – R
  • Use these shortcuts in the Hub and email to be even more productive:
  • R – Reply to Message
    L – Reply to All
    F – Forward Message
    T – Go to top of inbox (or message)
    B – Go to bottom of inbox (or message) N – Move to the next date
    P – Move to the previous date
    U – Move to the next unopened item
    S – Search inbox





Camera Spec.

A phone without a good picture quality for me , its not a phone.The real question most people ask , are the cameras any good?. The BlackBerry Classic camera could be the best thing since sliced bread for you. It’s no secret the camera on the Bold 9900 was among BlackBerry’s worst offerings and using a Classic could make you feel like you stepped into the future for a bit.let take look at the camera spec


The BlackBerry Classic is a device you can hold in one hand and still get things done. You can slide it under the table in the boardroom and still pound out an email or BBM with ease. All this while carrying the same durable yet luxurious feel of older BlackBerry smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold.


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1 Comment

  1. Jey Ganesh

    December 25, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    Very clarity review about BlackBerry Classic Specification. Really this blogs prompt in depth information about mobile technologies. Keep sharing…

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Why You Still Need An MP3 Player

Segun Balogun



Only five or ten years ago MP3 players were the most popular devices for listening to music, but as mobile phones became more and more advanced, MP3 players started to lose their popularity. However, there are still plenty of reasons to choose an MP3 player over a music app in your smartphone. You can buy MP3 players and lots of other electronics in Nigeria at unbelievably low prices by simply following this link:

Low cost gadget

Even the latest MP3 player model is still cheaper than a mid-range smartphone, so if you often break or lose your device, an MP3 player can become your low-risk investment. For example, it may turn out that replacing the screen on your iPhone costs as much as a new iPod, so dropping your device on the ground can have different consequences depending on which gadget you prefer.
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Take the most out of your music collection

Most music fans have huge collections of MP3 files on their computer – they can be downloaded from the Internet or converted from music CDs. An MP3 player becomes the most suitable device for playing these files. Modern smartphones are mostly designed for using music apps and subscription services, while transferring and organizing MP3 files on your phone can turn out to be quite tricky. An MP3 player will let you effortlessly select music by artist, album or track title, or even release year. And don’t forget the super convenient playlist feature!
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Perfect for active lifestyle

Keeping fit and leading an adventurous life are today’s biggest trends, and music is an essential component of active lifestyle. No matter what you’re into – running, going into the gym, hiking, cycling, or climbing – an MP3 player is a much lighter and smaller device than your mobile phone, which means it’s much more convenient to carry around. Plus, many MP3 players like the iPod Shuffle have special clips, so you don’t have to keep them in your pocket.
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Save battery life

One of the biggest problems of smartphone users is the battery that dies in the middle of the day even when you’re not actively using the phone. Obviously, listening to music for hours has an even more drastic effect on the battery life. MP3 players, however, are known for lasting for days while playing music non-stop. That way you can take the pressure off your phone’s battery while enjoying your favorite tunes wherever you are without worrying about the battery life of your devices.

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Jumia Mobile Week Megathon – Biggest Mobile Sales Event of 2015

Segun Balogun



When its comes to Ecommerce , what it will come to our  mind,  is buying or selling products through  the internet. Moreover ,Nigeria’s biggest online retailer known as Jumia, , in collaboration with some of Nigeria’s top mobile brands like INNJOO, INFINIX , TECNO , APPLE, LENOVo, SAMSUNG, and LG  will be hosting the biggest mobile sales event titled The ‘Mobile Week Megathon‘ So what does that actually mean? For the vast majority of retailers, that means sales of cheap high tend mobile phones , Yes they are right because Phone Sales from your Favourite Operating Systems, Android, Blackberry, Apple’s iOS, and Windows OS prices will be slashed .
This give you a real marathon of mega deals! of lifetime from the worlds hottest brands which will run For one week , from the 1st – 7th June 2015.
Meanwhile At the just concluded West Africa blogger conference in Lagos , Nigeria , which was hosted by jumia , GIstmate communication , Mtn Nigeria and many more , The CEO of jumia promises it will even be bigger than the Jumia Black Friday sales.
This is really a good deal for vast majority of smartphone users because MTN Nigeria, a major sponsor of the event, will offer 3GB free data on any phone bought at the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. Not only that , MTN is also offering 6 months of WhatsApp access and one free month of music streaming on MTN Music.

4  benefit of the event are:

Cheap Mobile phone from top brand

At the event , jumia will be slashing the price of mobile phone from your Favorite Operating Systems, Android, Blackberry, Apple’s iOS, and Windows OS prices at a shocking discount. this mega deal will really be a huge benefit for mobile phone lovers

Best deals From the Best Brand


I belief in the logic that branding develops an image of a company’s products in the minds of consumers, attributing goods with certain unique qualities or characteristics, that, if done effectively, are attractive to the target audience.
Starting from the 1st of june , Jumia mobile week megathon will feature the best product from the best brands in the mobile market… You can check the Phone Sales on brands using the Calender pattern below from 1st – 7th June, 2015:

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon

MTN will Give 3GB Free Data on Each Phone

JumiaMobileWeek-mtn free data at the event-techcribng

That moment you just a new smartphone , what comes to your m ind is data subscription.
As i said earlier , This is going to be more of benefit for smartphone users because MTN Nigeria, a major sponsor of the event, will offer 3GB free data on any phone bought at the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. Not only that , MTN is also offering 6 months of WhatsApp access and one free month of music streaming on MTN Music

A week of Expoloration and Opportunity

Black friday have always been known for expoloration of new product and follow up of best deal in just 24 hours but Jumia mobile megathon will enable you to expolre quality mobile product from top brand in the market for 7 days.

Are you ready? Here is how you can benefit from the Jumia mobile week Megathon

Top brand in the mobile market will over the best product to you which will make every partaker to benefit from it.

1. Sign up on the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon page and Sign up
2. Download and Install the Jumia Apps For Blackberry , Android, , IOS, and Windows Phone from your respective store

3. You will be entitled for 5000 naira voucher from jumia when you share this campaignon your social media , While not start by following Jumia on Twitter at Jumianigeria  , Google plus at  +Jumia Nigeria and the Hashtag  #JumiaMobileWeek

Everyone loves a good deal, Isn’t it ?  So for one week,  Jumia  will be offering amazing deals.  Why not share this on social media by using our social media icon below…


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BlackBerry Leap arrives at the FCC

Segun Balogun



Although BlackBerry slipped up a bit early and listed the device formerly known as the Z20, now the BlackBerry Leap, inside FCC documents for the BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry Leap has arrived at the FCC seeking approval. As the device is already official, the FCC documents don’t reveal much of anything that isn’t already known about the latest all-touch device except, perhaps, a possible approximate launch time frame for North America.

The short term confidentiality agreement expires on May 4th, 2015 and while that is far from a proven method of determining release of a device, it’s shortly after the April launch BlackBerry confirmed for Europe. Interested in possibly grabbing a BlackBerry Leap? You can register for updates via the BlackBerry website.

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