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BlackBerry 10 – The World’s Best OS!

Segun Balogun



Vulnerability Affects 2 Billion Devices Including Blackberry Z10

According to berry review Between the few Operating systems in the market, (iOS, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry 10) Which of them is the best? To answer that question, India’s most popular digital magazine diGit has pitted iOS (iPhone 5S), Windows Phone (Lumia1520), HTC Sense (One M8), Android (Nexus 5) and BlackBerry 10 (Z30) against one and other to see who fairs the best. And the results are out!


The BlackBerry Z30, clinched the top spot, scoring a 56.91 overall, although there are some weird distrubancy’s in it. For one, the BlackBerry OS used in the test was the old 10.2, whereas the competition, including Nokia’s (Microsoft) is using their latest 8.1!

Nonetheless, congrats to TeamBlackBerry for the win!

Via NerdBerry Through OurBerries

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