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15 technically possible but totally awful ways to charge your phone

Segun Balogun



The most common way charge your smartphone is simply by using a charger; but have you ever wondered what if you are stranded in place where there is no electricity?
The world of science is trying to give us a hand, but not every idea is a winner. Inspired by the recent discovery that phones could be powered by different concept , we decided to round up the strangest, coolest, and most impractical ways to give your devices a quick energy boost when a socket just can’t be found.
Smartphones can certainly be a huge help during an emergency, but about this emergency when the smartphone goes out of power?

no electricity-techcribng

15 ways to charge your phone Without Electricity

1.Charge your phone with Apples and Potatoes

Fruits and vegetables are universally promoted as healthy. Certain fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C, but these rich sources (citrus fruits, strawberries, green peppers, white potatoes) are spread over many fruit and vegetable categories. Other fruits and vegetables, including avocado, corn, potatoes, and dried beans, are rich in starch, whereas sweet potatoes are mostly sucrose, not starch.
Meanwhile, A strange art installation in the Westfield shopping centre in west charge your phone with appleLondon, England by artist Caleb Charland was essentially a large-scale reproduction of an old classroom science experiment where a potato is used to charge a small digital clock. It is amazing that you can now charge your phone with apples and potatoes.
By stringing 800 pieces of fruit and vegetables together with galvanized nails and wire, artist Caleb Charland was able to scale-up the power output so much that it could charge a mobile phone – in this case a Nokia Lumia 930, charged via a wireless mat.
The hand-built circuit created an electrical current of an average 20mA and around six volts. READ FULL STORY HERE

2. Using Winds To Create Power for Mobile

Wind Farms are an excellent alternate source of power, which is gaining traction all over the world. But can winds be used to charge a mobile phone? Tjeerd Veenhoven from The Netherlands had created iFan, which uses wind power to charge up an iPhone. Using the computer fan which is found in every desktop and laptop, he has designed a system wherein iPhone can be charged within 5 hours.

The condition is that the device should be able to get winds in order to get the power generated. One suggestion as shared on his blog, is to tie up the device on a bicycle or a car. As the vehicle moves, wind would be directly available to the device and your mobile can keep on charging. Pretty neat idea!

3. Recharge with your sixth-grade toy

This childhood toy has never really had much of a point. It goes up; it goes down; sometimes it pretends it’s a dog being walked. (And rather unconvincingly, at that.) But a few years ago, a Swedish SIX GRADE TOY-Techcribngdesigner, Peter Thuvander, came up with a way to finally give the yo-yo some real purpose in life: charging a phone. The idea was simple: playing with the yo-yo charges a small battery inside; afterward, just plug in your device via USB and power up. Ultimately, the device didn’t take off on account of everyone gets bored with yo-yos after about three minutes.

4.Charge your phone with FIRE!!!

This is done by using a fire pan. How’s this for a one-pot Quickfire Challenge, Padma? Cook up a great meal and charge phone at the same time, using the same device. That was the idea behind the Pan Charger, which not only can be used to cook up a delicious meal, but CHARGE WITH FIRE -techcribngalso converts that heat — whether it’s from your stovetop or the blaze of a campfire — into an electric charge that will power gadgets via USB plug. Better plan on a slow-cooked meal, though; it’ll take a few hours to fully charge anything. Utensils down, power up!


4.Charge your phone by SHOUTING at it

Researchers at South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University are actually conducting research into this hidden source of power. But there are several problems with this theory; for example, a prototype device needs atleast 100 decibels, which is the equivalent of noisy traffic or a jet passing overhead — to generate 50 millivolts of Charge your phone by SHOUTING at itelectricity. Such small energy can no doubt help the battery of a smartphone but cant charge it fully. A typical battery needs 5 to 10 volts to get charged up. read fell story here

Scientists from Korea have placed two electrodes which are connected by minute nano-strands of zinc oxide. When a human being shouts, then the vibrations caused by the sound are absorbed by these nano-strands which produces energy. In fact, other background noises such as traffic noise etc can also be used to generate this energy. Research is still on, but it ‘sounds’ very interesting!

6.You’re winding me up

You know that rush you get when you’re fishing, get a bite, and have to reel ‘er in? (Yeah, me either.) The Roto Charger is a concept ideaforge-roto-charger-techcribngthat came out a couple years ago. It creates energy by mimicking a fishing reel. Your reward for a solid minute of avid cranking? A whopping three minutes of talk time.




7.Charge Your Phone By Pouring Coke and Pepsi Into It

Health critics may say that the sugary, carbonated drink is bad for you, but that doesn’t charge your phone with pepsi and coke-techcribngmean the same rings true for your cell phone. Right? Sure. China-based designer Daizi Zheng came up with a way to use pop (soda, Coke, whatever you call it) to power a Nokia phone, provided the device was modified to include a chemical board capable of converting carbohydrates and sugar into energy. Interesting concept, but uh … we’ll stick to mixing our Coke with rum, not electronics. Hopefully your phone’s warranty covers electronic diabetes.

8. Using Winds To Create Power for Mobile

According to digital trends , Wind farms generate lots of energy, so why can’t a similar idea be applied to power our phones? Well, for a start, wind farms are always built somewhere windy, like in the sea, or on top of mountains – you know, places where we usually aren’t. But that didn’t stop Netherlands designer Tjeerd Veenhoven from wind fam-=techcribngdesigning the iFan, an iPhone case that converts wind into phone-charging energy. The thing takes six hours to fully charge a phone, and that’s if the wind is continually blowing. But, we suppose you could just drive around with your iPhone hanging out the window – totally safe.

9.The Sun

you can also use solar energy to power your phone.. according to a report by orzzzz, You know that massive ball of burning gas at the sun power-techcribngcentre of our solar system, right? Well, it turns out that it throws off an astonishing 400 trillion trillion watts on a fairly regular basis — roughly the amount of energy it would take to power 500,000 years of our current civilization in a single second. –



10.Charge your phone by Unlocking The Power Of Pee

Although 14-year-olds Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and 15-year-old Bello Eniola have created a urine powered generator.

urine power generator

Researchers from England’s University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory are right now researching ways to convert your urine into a power source. Phase 1 of the project: ‘Urine-Tricity’ is over, and now they are into phase 2 of their project.
The whole concept is based on Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs), which can create an URINE POWER PHONE-TECHCRIBNGalternate source of power when urine flows through them. When microbes encounter urine, they consume them as part of their metabolic process. As soon as microbes consume the urine, they release electrons which are captured by an electrode connected with the MFCs. Soon the circuit is completed and electricity is produced.

Once this project gets due approvals, it can be really easy to charge a smartphone; so Nigerians you know what to do in case of an emergency!

11.Charge Your iPhone With Your Own Breath

You’ve heard of wind-powered and solar-powered gadgets that can charge your phone, but what about breath-powered? This concept design was created by Joao Paulo Lammoglia that utilizes the power of your breath to convert into electricity via small wind turbines. The user simply wears the AIRE mask hooked up to an iOS device, and by breathing into the mask, the gadget is able to recharge the phone.AIRE-mask-concept2-techcribng
Lammoglia explains that AIRE can be used in any situation, indoors or outdoors. It can be used while you sleep, walk, run, or read a book, for example. Besides saving energy (and contributing to environmental preservation), it also encourages the practice of physical exercise.


12.charge your mobile phone with a pen & paper

Paper clips and any kind of power adapter that gives 5 volts will do the job for charging your phone battery

13. Charge Your Phone With New Sponge Battery In Seconds

An Israeli company called StoreDot says it has developed technology that can charge a mobile phone in a few seconds and an electric car in minutes which will be possible by 2016. This is done by using nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules, which can also store a much higher charge more quickly, in effect acting like a super-dense storedot battery-techcribngsponge to soak up power and retain it.
Researchers discovered naturally occurring crystals two nanometers in diameter that show interesting properties.
The crystals, short chains of amino acids called peptides, can store a charge or emit light, are easy and cheap to make, and are non-toxic, the company claims.
The firm is working on using the crystals, which it calls NanoDots, for displays and semiconductors as well as batteries.

14.Charge your phone using SWEAT

when your phone battery is running low, you could charge it using your sweat.
Researchers have developed a small temporary tattoo that strips electrons from lactate produced by our bodies during perspiration.
At the moment, the energy it harnesses is just enough to charge a small biobattery, but the team are working on ways to use the technology to charge smartphones and tablets.
The device works by detecting and responding to lactate, which is naturally present in sweat.
‘Lactate is a very important indicator of how you are doing during exercise,’ said lead researcher Wenzhao Jia, Ph.D from the University of California San Diego.Could we charge our phones using SWEAT? Temporary tattoo uses chemicals in perspiration to generate energy k
In general, the more intense the exercise, the more lactate the body produces.
During strenuous physical activity, the body needs to generate more energy, so it activates a process called glycolysis.
Glycolysis produces energy and lactate, the latter of which scientists can detect in the blood.
Professional athletes monitor their lactate levels during performance testing as a way to evaluate their fitness and training program.
In addition, doctors measure lactate during exercise testing of patients for conditions marked by abnormally high lactate levels, such as heart or lung disease.
Currently, lactate testing is inconvenient and intrusive because blood samples must be collected from the person at different times during the exercise regime and then analysed.

15. Charge your phone When having Sex!

We already know that 1 in 10 people use their phone during sex. So why cut out the middle man and sleep with the One you really love. Utilizing a person’s body heat, which is converted into electricity recharge-bag-techcribngusing thermoelectric material, the folks at Vodafone are introducing these super-charged sleeping bags (complete with garish Power Pocket, guaranteed to repel potential mates) at outdoor festivals throughout the summer. Don’t expect too much though; 8 hours of snuggling up to your phone at night will give you a mere 24 minutes of talk time.


Do you know of any other method to charge a mobile besides using direct electricity? Please share your views and insights right here!

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