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Wakie app gets a STRANGER to wake you up

Segun Balogun



Wakie app

Are you someone like that my friend that do Struggle to get up in the morning?……. Do you know that you can Get a STRANGER to wake you up every morning or you just  constantly hit the snooze button each morning to avoid getting out of bed, wakie app lets random people call each other at set times.
It took 9 months to be approved, but, Wakie — the ‘social alarm clock’ that lets you wake up (and be woken up by) strangers — has finally arrived . it was originally Launched  in Russia as a website back in 2011, before being rebuilt , rebranded and debuting on Windows Phone and Android earlier this year, the app is designed to replace your phone’s alarm clock with a call from a real person: Namely, another member of the Wakie community.
For example , you set an alarm through the app at,  6 a.m. you’ll get a call from another user waking you up when that time comes. Likewise, if you’re in the mood to be the waker, not the wakee, (“Wakies” and “Sleepies” in the app’s parlance) you can also go to the app, see how many people are ready to rise and shine and click to be the person who delivers the news.

Wakie app


Wakie was created Armenian developer Hrachik Adjamian.

To use Wakie, an alarm is set via the app for 7am for example, and at 7am, the user who set the alarm will receive a phone call from another member.

This member can be from anywhere in the world.

Each call lasts just 60 seconds, and users will hear a warning at 50 seconds, before the call is automatically cut off.

User can also choose to wake someone else up,and the free app does not reveal phone numbers.

Each call is carried out over the internet, which means if a user is connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network, they won’t be charged for the call.

However, on a mobile network, the call will use data, and if the user has used more than their data limit, they may incur a fee.

“A lot of people keep snoozing alarm clocks and still can’t wake up,” Hrachik Adjamian, Wakie’s CEO and co-founder, told TechCrunch. “Our research shows that a one-minute talk to a stranger wakes your brain up with a 99% guarantee. When someone asks you questions in the morning your brain has to wake up to answer. Also you try to be kind, you try to turn on your social pattern of behavior. After the call you can’t sleep anymore even if you had a short sleep.” Adjamian told TechCrunch that version may allow conversations up to five minutes, as well as letting users choose the gender of the person who calls them.

Remember that wakie is free and the premium version is on the way which is going to   extend the talk time for each wake up call to 5 minutes, and allow you to specify the gender of the person ( male or female or both) you are connected to and see their profile after the call, depending on their individual privacy settings.

Adjamian also said the company is also  working on adding clever robo-calls. You will have an ability to set an alarm clock just for you: it will tell you the weather in your city, news from your industry, interesting facts and much more.

i think this should be a great news for celebrity because it also consist of a Celebrity alarm clock. You can buy an alarm clock of your idol and get different pre-recorded calls from him every day. Celebrities promote their alarm clocks on their social network pages.


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