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New App Aims to Help Users With Their Problems

Segun Balogun



Im Listening Gives Voice to Those With Issues


Technology, it is said, is making the world smaller with the ability to reach out, instantaneously, to people across the globe.


A new app is using that ability for positive results hoping to connect people facing similar issues, allowing them to share their stories and, it is hoped, help one another. Im Listening is currently available on iOS and is “a space where like minded people share their problems and help each other by realising that they are not alone with their issues.”

Users have the option to either record their concerns and have others listen to them or, like other networking sites, simply enter their post and have it posted to the site.

The idea, the app’s site explains, came as a result of founders Russ Holland and George Spitaliotis having a combined interest in the health of the human mind and how technology can be used to help others.

“The statistics are frightening. The Mental Health Foundation suggests that one in every four people in the UK will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. These figures are similar in the US,” Im Listening‘s site states.

“Yet, there is an enormous stigma attached to mental health issues. It is our hope, that with I’m Listening we have created a space for people to vocalise their problems and receive advice from people who care. Even if it is a simple as being told that you may need professional help.”

Users of the new app remain anonymous and are able, if they want, to follow other users who they feel may be able to help them with their problems.

The developers have “invested heavily” to ensure a clean design in a project they feel can help people.

source : sitepronews

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