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How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on Samsung Phone

Segun Balogun



Truce! Apple and Samsung call off patent war outside U.S.

At times, to answer a  phone call may not be possible because you are busy doing something like washing cloth , plates e.t.c or maybe your hands are dirty or busy with something else. In situations such as this, accepting the call using voice commands or gestures over the phone’s screen is ideal. Both of these features are available on your Samsung high-end phone. However, they are turned off by default. Here is how to activate and use them.

Please note that the screenshots in this tutorial were taken using a Galaxy S5. However, the steps below will work on other high-end Samsung devices as well.

1. Open the app drawer, and choose Settings.

How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on  Samsung Phone
2. Inside the Settings app under the Quick Settings section, you will find an option with a hand icon named Accessibility. Tap on this option to continue. If the option is not available there, scroll down to the Personalization section to find it.

How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on  Samsung Phone
3.Next, tap on the Answering and ending calls option.

How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on  Samsung Phone
4.At the top of the list, you will see three options that allow you to answer incoming phone calls without touching the screen: Pressing the Home key, Voice control, and Waving hand over device. From my personal experience, using the Voice control and Waving hand over device options are the most practical ways to answer a phone call when your hands are dirty. Depending on your situation, you may want to enable one or both of them. When you have enabled the features, just close the Settings app.


Please note that voice control does not work when your phone is in vibrate mode. To improve the accuracy of the voice recognition system, try saying the command when the volume of the ringtone is reduced.
5.When there is a call, you can simply say, “Answer the call,” or wave your hand over the top of the device to accept it. To refuse the call, turn the phone upside down. Be aware that whenever you accept a call using your voice, the speaker will be turned on automatically.

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How To

How to Make Phone Calls Using Your PSP

Segun Balogun



The PlayStation Portable is the only handheld video game console to use an optical disc format, Universal Media Disc (UMD), as its primary storage medium. Other distinguishing features of the console include its large viewing screen,[13] robust multi-media capabilities, and connectivity with the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, other PSPs and the Internet.
however , Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP) is one of the common and best-selling game consoles in the world. The question of the day is , Do you know that the PSP can do more than just games?. With the help of an Internet connection and a third-party application, you will be able to make calls from your PSP to cell phones and land lines and to your contacts on some messaging applications. How do you make this possible? just follow ths tutorial to know ho it work.


1.You need to make sure you have a supported PSP model. Supported models are PSP-2000, PSP-3000, and PSP-N1000 (PSPgo).

2 Your PSP must have an Internet connection. The device does not have any GSM capabilities. It will route the phone calls through the Internet.

3 You need to have the right accessories to make phone calls using your PSP. Buy a PSP headset (PSP270) and headphone with remote control (PSP-140). You can also use a plugin PSP microphone (PSP-240).

4 Make sure you have a memory stick duo with enough free memory. Having 1 MB of memory may be enough but is not advisable. Free up more space on your memory stick for smoother operation.

5 You also need Skype on the PSP. Skype will be used to perform calls using your PSP. You will need to update your PSP to version 3.9 or higher.


  • Tips
  • PSP 2000 doesn’t have a microphone but 3000’s do.
    Calling other Skype users is free.
    PSP owners can call other landline and cell phone numbers using Skype credit to make SkypeOut™ calls.Skype credit can be purchased at their website.


  • Notes:
    Playstation Vita is also supported.
  • PSP 1000 does not support version 3.9. Skype will not work with it.


This only works for PSP slim and 3000 series

Use Skype to Make Calls on Your PSP

Once your device is updated to the latest version, you can now start using Skype on your device to make calls to your Skype contacts. You can purchase Skype credits to call land lines and mobile numbers. To use Skype, use the instructions below:

1.Dont have a skype account then , Register with Skype.

How to Make Phone Calls Using Your  PSP


2.  Update your PSP. Download and install the 3.90 version firmware and upgrade to the PSP. This only works for PSP 2000 and 3000 systems.

How to Make Phone Calls Using Your  PSP3.Connect to the internet. Find a Wi-Fi Hotspot and connect your PSP to the internet.

How to Make Phone Calls Using Your  PSP

 4. To save your Skype software later on, insert a Memory Stick Duo.
5. Connect a PSP Headset and the Remote Control from the PSP-2000 Headphones.
skype sign in-techcribng6.Log in. Log onto the Skype website and access the Skype/Sign In icon within the Network category of the XMB menu.
7.Start making you calls! Access the Contacts icon and click on a name or scroll to the Dial icon to make a call.


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How To

How To Use Samsung Phone While Wearing Gloves

Segun Balogun



Samsung is an awesome mobile manufaturing company where their products are used by millions of users. Now here is their next product, Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Samsung Galaxy Tab S is an superb upcoming product from Samsung where the look of it is so beautifu
However ,  Samsung smartphones like galaxy s4 or Note 3 allow users to use their phone while wearing a glove.
Although this feature is disallow by default but todays tutorial will explain how to get this done.

Use  Samsung Phone While Wearing Gloves


1. First you have to do is to  open the app drawer on the phone, and then choose Settings.


2. Then go to the setting list, tap on the Accessibility option. It is located under the Personalization option, but it is available in the Quick Settings section as well.

Screenshot 2_techcribng

3. The last thing is just to scroll down to the bottom of the accessibility list, and activate the Increase touch sensitivity option. By activating this feature, you can use your phone even when you are wearing gloves.




You can see that it’s so short and simple.. In case you have another method , Feel free to let us know by using our comment box

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Segun Balogun





Jobsmasters CareerTips.



HOW TO FIND A JOB ON TWITTERWhen it comes to searching for a job in this new age of Social Media, platforms such as LinkedIn comes to mind for tech savvy and internet-oriented people. Twitter isn’t the first social network someone typically thinks about when applying for a job however, it might surprise you that it is also a very viable tool for finding a job too!

You might be wondering, can I use Twitter to find jobs as well? Yes, you can! And here is how:

1.Get a Twitter Account: This is a no-brainer right – I mean everybody is on Twitter right? Well, you’d surprised that some of us Internet heads still don’t know how to use Twitter, so they don’t bother opening an account. But to find a Job using Twitter, you need to first have an account running there. And hey, it’s free to open too!


2. Give Value: To get, you should give. Being an engaging twitter member of the industry in which you want to work, and contributing content to build a social following is a way to use Twitter to find a job. Through Twitter, you can learn from your peers in whatever discipline you’re in, or use it as a platform to share content so you can build awareness of you as a professional, and ultimately position yourself as a thought leader in a particular expertise. And since twitter is an open network, it affords the opportunity to do that in a very public way. Interact and respond to the people in your networks. Add value to your community.

3. Follow Smart: On Twitter, its follow and be followed, not “likes” or “friends”. So who or what you decide to follow really matters in your job search on Twitter. Asides following people, follow the industry you are interested in, and participate in communities on Twitter you care about. Show what you are passionate about, give recruiters an idea of your personality &interests outside of your career. Build your network before you need it; engage with people who do what you want to do.

4. Your Tweets: Well, really, its Social Media, its free, say what you please. But searching for a Job is serious stuff. So don’t just retweet what others are saying; create meaningful content that people care about. Just having a Twitter handle isn’t enough to attract the attention of recruiters. They’re going to be looking at what kind of content you share on your account. You want to share a good mix of interesting and thought-provoking content, as well as tweets that give a taste of your personality. Study how companies, brands and public figures tweet. Build your tweets and gradually become a thought leader. Don’t be overly professional. Twitter is a great way to showcase your personality and talk to people about your interests. This way, you be noticed and may even be contacted for a job offering.


5. Use As Pointer: Another way to find a job on Twitter, is to use Twitter as a pointer to your more detailed online profiles — could be a personal blog or even your LinkedIn profile.First impressions are just as important on social media. Make sure you have a great online description and photo. Be professional but interesting.


6. Know Your Handles: Lots of companies today have job-related Twitter handles (usernames). Following those is a great way to keep tabs on job openings, rather than searching the company’s website.

twitter job cv

Bottom line

Remember that Twitter is one of the top social media in the world today and will be a  good thing using it  as a way for searching  for new employment. Twitter complements your other activities and consider it another string to your bow.

Please share your experience of Twitter and whether it’s helped you?

This article is contributed by Jobsmasters CareerTips. JobsMaster( and is the search engine for jobs in Nigeria. It has compute engines that crawls, indexes and sort only relevant jobs in Nigeria from across most job portals, newspapers, HR firms, and company career websites. It display only the most relevant jobs its users. is doing for jobs what Google did for information. One search. All jobs in Nigeria.

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