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How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on Samsung Phone

At times, to answer a  phone call may not be possible because you are busy doing something like washing cloth , plates e.t.c or maybe your hands are dirty or busy with something else. In situations such as this, accepting the call using voice commands or gestures over the phone’s screen is ideal. Both of these features are available on your Samsung high-end phone. However, they are turned off by default. Here is how to activate and use them.

Please note that the screenshots in this tutorial were taken using a Galaxy S5. However, the steps below will work on other high-end Samsung devices as well.

1. Open the app drawer, and choose Settings.

How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on  Samsung Phone
2. Inside the Settings app under the Quick Settings section, you will find an option with a hand icon named Accessibility. Tap on this option to continue. If the option is not available there, scroll down to the Personalization section to find it.

How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on  Samsung Phone
3.Next, tap on the Answering and ending calls option.

How to Answer Calls Without Touching the Screen on  Samsung Phone
4.At the top of the list, you will see three options that allow you to answer incoming phone calls without touching the screen: Pressing the Home key, Voice control, and Waving hand over device. From my personal experience, using the Voice control and Waving hand over device options are the most practical ways to answer a phone call when your hands are dirty. Depending on your situation, you may want to enable one or both of them. When you have enabled the features, just close the Settings app.


Please note that voice control does not work when your phone is in vibrate mode. To improve the accuracy of the voice recognition system, try saying the command when the volume of the ringtone is reduced.
5.When there is a call, you can simply say, “Answer the call,” or wave your hand over the top of the device to accept it. To refuse the call, turn the phone upside down. Be aware that whenever you accept a call using your voice, the speaker will be turned on automatically.

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