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Amazing Things About Google’s Self-Driving Car [Infographic]

Segun Balogun



Americans are warming to self-driving cars

Just lastweek i wrote an article about how America are getting prepare for Self driving car. I know most of us are aware of the self driving car i.e A car moving without a driver..
This shows that we are entry into future Technology. So to travel from one place to another you just need to give details to it and it will make your short journey safe.. Its does not consume too much fuel. It will also reduce the accidents rates as it goes in normal speed. So to know more about it, you need to check out this infographic below.

google car-techcribng

The first thing we’re going to check out is what it is Made up with? Then the capacity or the main work it can able to do. As in short, it can carry 2 person with a maximum speed of 25MPH. Next, is the Working process of Google Self driving car, do you have any idea on how Google Cars Works? Then you need to should check and Follow this process at all cost, the place to buy it and more will be described in this lovely infographic.

the-amazing-ways-the-google-car-will-change-the-world techcribngimage source : design911

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