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Adding a Flare of Luxury to Your Brand



Luxury can be defined as something that increases comfort and pleasure without being absolutely necessary. Expert craftsmanship, careful attention to detail, the use of finest materials, guaranteed quality and the best possible customer service are just some of the terms associated with a luxury brand. That said, customer service is the only factor capable of shaping brand reputation, which is exactly the reason why the most luxurious brands in the world maintain their status by making their customers feel special. Here is how they do it.

Using employees as brand ambassadors

Company employees are a valuable asset in brand promotion, but in order to promote your brand, they have to know every little detail about it. What type of materials are going into the final product, where do they come from, how the product is made, what services your company offers and what can you do to guarantee quality are just some of the questions customers tend to ask and your employees need to be able to provide them with all the information they need, the moment they need it.

Offering exclusivity

Luxury and exclusivity are two sides of the same coin and a number of high-profile brands rely on exclusivity in order to sell luxury. They market their products and services to as many people they can knowing that only a few will be able to actually enjoy the luxury of their products and services. But exclusivity can also be used to reward loyal clients and customers and provide them with an outstanding experience they will hardly forget anytime soon.

Positioning the brand as authentic

Exclusivity means that brands are offering a high-quality product or an outstanding service to a select group of people. Authenticity, on the other hand, means that brands are not offering mere products and services, but rather a way of life. Saying your brand is authentic is one thing, but being authentic lies in the way you deal with your customers and connect with them on an emotional level. This way, your customers are not investing in a brand, but in something that makes them who they are.

Going the extra mile

Developing a luxurious brand means going above and beyond of what your clients and customers expect. Even the smallest of things such as referring to your customers by their name, knowing whether they have invested in your brand before and generally, treating them like royalty will do the trick. Listen to their concerns, use that information to further improve business and make sure that everything your brand is offering is more luxurious than what they remember.

If you have a client flying in for a meeting, make sure to send a representative to greet them, prepare a suitable hotel room and a corporate chauffeur ready to take them to and from the hotel. Remember, not all companies who rent corporate cars in Sydney are the same, which is why you need to be careful when choosing a company capable of providing you with the level of luxury you desire.

Luxury is more about the little things that make customers fall in love with a brand. Whether it’s offering high-quality products, unique customer experience, handling your clients with utmost care or simply being unique, there’s a number of ways companies can add a little bit of luxury in the way they do business. Try to use exclusivity as a vehicle for authenticity and let your actions speak for themselves, instead of simply trying to market your brand. This will reaffirm your position as a luxury brand and allow you to stand out from the rest of the competition.

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