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8 Rules to Follow to Avoid Getting Scammed by using Quickteller!!

Segun Balogun



This morning  i recieve a mail from quickteller-techcribngQuickteller , on how to protect your account from fraudster/scammers.
I believed most of us use quickteller on a daily basis , so i had know option than to share the rules with you, because we have to scam smart.

“Fraudsters and scammers are continuously coming up with “clever” ways to get unsuspecting internet users to part with personal information that can lead to unauthorised access of their accounts. Below are 8 rules which will help prevent this from happening to you our dear customer”.

  • The rules are as follows:
    1. Do not reply any email asking you to update your Quickteller, ATM/debit card details or PIN
    2. Pay special attention to the email address of the sender
    3.When logging on to Quickteller always confirm that the web address/URL itself begins with or AND that the secure padlock icon is present
    4.When entering your card details on Interswitch Webpay always confirm that the web address/URL itself begins with AND that the secure padlock icon is present before going ahead
    5.Keep your antivirus software updated and run complete virus scans regularly
    6.Do not share your PIN or passwords with anyone
    7. Interswitch/Quickteller will not ask for your entire card details and PIN via email.
    8.When in doubt, send an email attaching the suspicious email and web address/URL to us at or call 01-9065000..


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Internet Security

4 Ways to Protect Your Online Business from Credit Card Fraud



Every day we keep hearing more and more about credit card frauds that cause online businesses huge troubles. Not only that cybercriminals steal money from online businesses but their wrongdoings can completely ruin a company’s reputation. So, if you’re running an online business, you might want to think about investing some money and effort in protecting your company from credit card fraud. And if you’re wondering how to do this, here are four ways that are guaranteed to do the trick.

Tracking the location of your customers

One of the first things you should do when trying to protect your business from credit card fraud is start tracking your customers’ IP addresses. This way, you’ll be able to notice if there any significant changes of location have been made. Of course, even if you notice a change has been made, it doesn’t mean you’ve been a victim of a fraud, since a customer of yours can always decide to shop from a different location or relocate. In situations like this, you shouldn’t be overly protective, as your customers will start thinking you don’t trust them which is never a good thing. A simple additional step of verification for those who don’t shop from their usual location is more than enough.

Identify proxy servers

We’ve talked about tracking your customers’ IP addresses but that may not always be enough to keep you safe from fraudsters. These cybercriminals might decide to use an anonymous proxy server in order to keep their real location secret. For example, let’s say a fraudster from Brazil wants to buy something from you using a stolen credit card with a billing address in New York. They’ll use a proxy to hide their real IP address and use one that appears to have come from New York. This tends to work simply because the IP address they use matches the location on the billing address. Luckily, there are free websites you can use to check whether or not a given IP is hiding behind a proxy. It might be a good idea to turn to these every time you notice something suspicious.

Achieve PCI DSS compliance

Another great way to keep your online business safe from credit card fraud is to make sure you’re following PCI DSS. This is short for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” and can be defined as an information security standard for companies that handle credit cards. In order to achieve PCI DSS compliance, you’ll need to follow a whole range of methods and protocols for keeping your online business safe. This includes things such as network protection and card safety. Investing in network protection is extremely important since you need a good anti-malware software that’s going to keep fraudsters at bay. Tokenization is another interesting option, as it includes replacing your data with a token that hackers have no use of.

Stay updated on credit card frauds

We’ve already mentioned that credit card frauds tend to happen quite often. So, besides protecting your online business from these you might want to stay updated on the latest credit card frauds that have taken place. That way, you’ll know what hackers are up to and what you can do to prevent them from targeting your online business. And don’t just keep an eye on card, number and identity frauds but stay aware of ransomware and invoice frauds as well. Hackers are constantly becoming more dangerous and we can’t possibly imagine what they’re going to come up with next.

While there are so many things you’ll have to do to keep your online business afloat, one of the most important goals you’ll need to set is protecting your business from credit card fraud. Fail to do this, and you might end up losing money and having your reputation tainted.

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The Cloud and SMBs – a Powerful Symbiosis



While animals are undoubtedly stronger than humans, it is the advantage of the human species to adjust the environment to its benefit. Still, we never had the ability to resist the urge created by valuable items, which is why sooner or later every discovery of our civilization gets turned towards making profit. Unrelated to history, anthropology and psychology, when it first came to existence, the purpose of cloud was a safe storage of photos and other personal memorabilia in digital form- but not anymore. Today, cloud technology is one of the greatest weapons that SMBs have against their much larger counterparts. Here are few reasons why.

Lower IT Infrastructure Costs

When you start a business, one of the first concerns you face is whether to buy or rent hardware. The first option may be cheaper in the long run, but it requires more capital and it does make things more complicated when you have to replace what you have with a newer model. Similar thing happens with software (whether to subscribe annually or monthly), business networks and various other issues. All of this becomes much easier with cloud computing, seeing how it doesn’t require much investment. What you use is what you pay for.

Smoother Scalability

When it comes to paying proportionally to the resources you use, scalability is another great advantage of going with cloud because there is no guarantee that your workload won’t increase or diminish over time. Furthermore, some industries face great oscillations in work influx through different seasons but with cloud you can change the size of your operations on a monthly basis. In this way, you save some money without having to readjust your prices or lay people off. This is important because both of these things can act as a deal breaker when you find yourself in the midst of the season.

Everything in One Place

Another advantage of the cloud is that it becomes much easier to integrate all your online presence and confine it into a single spot. Sometimes you won’t deal with a single website, but several of them leading to the same place, and even though they don’t see the same amount of traffic, they should all have support of equal quality just in case. Imagine a situation where you have a .com website, but someone takes your exact domain name with a different extension. This is a disaster you simply need to avert at all costs, which means you should buy some of the most popular variations of your domain names. In order not to spend a small fortune on this, you need to find an affordable place where you are going to buy domain name or several of them.

Better Security

Much greater security is also a great advantage because SMBs are always an attractive target to hackers. On one hand, they don’t have the same value to their name as some of the major conglomerates out there, but what they also don’t have is the same level of security. Adequate cyber-security team would cost a small fortune in equipment and paychecks (provided you decided to create an in-house department). On the other hand, you can just go with cloud and let your provider’s team deal with this issue.


Reliable Backup

USB drives can get lost, HDDs can get destroyed and other equipment might get damaged, misplaced or broken beyond repair. Now imagine you had volumes of data and years of hard work on one of these devices. Just thinking about losing all that hard work is enough to send chills down your spine. However, if you store something in the digital environment, all you need is a security clearance and you will have access to all your data. Provided it is safe from hackers (as already mentioned above) your data will be there to wait for you regardless of which device you access it from.


One only needs to take a look at the business world today and notice that things are definitely changing. No longer are only the major brands able to survive and SMBs and startups doomed to failure. The internet, the social media, and most importantly, cloud storage and computing, has changed this situation greatly.

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Internet Security

Ensuring company safety online



Internet security is crucial for a successful business

Although there are a few ways to secure your computer and to go online without having to worry about catching any viruses or collecting any malware, but it is not often the case. Malicious malware is around every corner, and it is quite hard to stay protected at all times. It is very important that you never go online without proper antivirus protection, because there is a big chance that you will get hacked, and that you will spread the virus. This is especially important for businesses as they have sensitive data which might get incriminated if security is low and if employees are not careful.


Keeping your data safe is very important

In order to keep your data and sensitive information secured, and that you do not have to worry about anything leaking, it is very important that you use data encryption. Even if you think that you have great security measures installed, chances are that data can be easily obtainable by someone who is good at hacking, and extracting sensitive information is not hard nowadays, making your company very vulnerable. Moreover, the data stolen can be used for blackmail or for ruining your company, but just simply making sure that your data is hard to extract, you have taken the first step towards good security.

Securing your company

Your IT employees cannot do everything and at all times to secure all your employees properly, in most cases it will be necessary to have a good internet provider which will have your company secured. You can also visit to help and to educate your employees in terms of how to be secured on the Internet and how to stay clear of malicious malware and software that might harm your computers. Most importantly, they will be able to learn different ways to keep data safe and secured, without having to learn anything too difficult or too demanding.

Always have a backup

It is a good idea to force your employees to create regular backups of everything they do, and if they have hard backups as well, it will be that much better as you can be assured that nothing can be leaked and that there is a low chance that anything might be stolen. However, be careful of the different methods to backup sensitive data, as some are better than the others, but in some cases the service or system might be prone to get attacked as well. Make sure that your backup security is updated regularly and that it is tested for any possible threat to be sure that nothing can go through.


The range of online threats

To keep your employees updated and safe from all the possible threats online, it will be necessary to hold frequent workshops in order to educate them. Moreover, you need to educate your workforce on how to be safe on the Internet, and how to go about leaving little to no traces behind, so that no sensitive data can be stolen or leaked. In essence, keeping your workers updated and educated about what it is they need to do in order to stay safe and secured online is very crucial, and in most cases it could mean the difference of a successful company.

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