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Internet Security

8 Rules to Follow to Avoid Getting Scammed by using Quickteller!!

Segun Balogun



This morning  i recieve a mail from quickteller-techcribngQuickteller , on how to protect your account from fraudster/scammers.
I believed most of us use quickteller on a daily basis , so i had know option than to share the rules with you, because we have to scam smart.

“Fraudsters and scammers are continuously coming up with “clever” ways to get unsuspecting internet users to part with personal information that can lead to unauthorised access of their accounts. Below are 8 rules which will help prevent this from happening to you our dear customer”.

  • The rules are as follows:
    1. Do not reply any email asking you to update your Quickteller, ATM/debit card details or PIN
    2. Pay special attention to the email address of the sender
    3.When logging on to Quickteller always confirm that the web address/URL itself begins with or AND that the secure padlock icon is present
    4.When entering your card details on Interswitch Webpay always confirm that the web address/URL itself begins with AND that the secure padlock icon is present before going ahead
    5.Keep your antivirus software updated and run complete virus scans regularly
    6.Do not share your PIN or passwords with anyone
    7. Interswitch/Quickteller will not ask for your entire card details and PIN via email.
    8.When in doubt, send an email attaching the suspicious email and web address/URL to us at or call 01-9065000..


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