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7 Things We Should Stop Doing In Group Chats

Segun Balogun



People are spending more time on messaging apps, which many says its used for multimedia exchanges, Educational discussion , employment opportunity and many more.
The best way of getting it done is simply by having a group chat. Although the way some people behave when using group chat is nothing to remember at all. this create some misunderstanding and problems in the process of communicating.
in today’s article , i am going to address something that is causing me great Anxiety and
has become the bastard child of what happen on group chat.
Here are 10 Things We Should Stop Doing In Group Chats in messaging apps.

1. Don’t Create Massive Groups

85 percent of messaging apps allows us to create groups , some even based on what you want use it for. please don’t be fool by that because there is always a purpose in doing something. Even if  WhatsApp allows up to 50, We Chat at 99, Yahoo messenger even allows more than 250, doesn’t mean we should create group without a purpose.
Even if you are using the group chat to send notifications then people on the group must interested in what you wanna send.

2.Don’t Include Unknown People Into Groups

WhatsApp Messenger, an instant messaging app for smartphones that operates under a subscription business model allows you add someone with his or her number. To say the truth , some people have turn this into a daily business , by simply adding unknown person in to a group{guessing of number}…please lets stop this bad habit…

Things We Should Stop Doing In Group Chats

3.Don’t Talk To Just One Person

You met that young damsel in a group, and you decided message her on that group..then you are making a mistake because You know why you made this chat right? To talk to everyone, not just to that one person We don’t care what goes on between the both of you. If you have something specific to tell him or her it is advisable have a separate chat outside of the group.

4. Don’t Spam.

Please don’t send unsolicited messages (spam), especially advertising, in the name of looking for web traffic to your blog or site.
On the other side , read through the whole chat to find out if there is already an answer to the question you want to ask the group , then provide the answer in a reliable way and not through spamming.
for example

Things We Should Stop Doing In Group Chats

5. Don’t Stay Silent

Please its not good to always remain silent , you are invited or added to a group for a purpose.. learn and try to communicate by contributing good thing that other people can learn from,  to the group.
it is true that we all reason differently , opinion may differ , and disagreements will probably pop up, staying silent means you take yourself out of the decision-making process – so don’t complain when things do not happen your way if you prefer to keep your opinions to yourself.

6.Don’t Message At midnight

Midnight are meant to rest our brain(sleep).. it is not advisable to send message that very time.. if you are doing that , please stop it .
Unless it’s an emergency that involves life and/or death, don’t distrupt everyone’s sleeping hours just because you can’t wait until the next morning to send your text.

7.Don’t Bring Up Irrelevant Topics

On a separate but related note, keep to the purpose of the chat. Is the chat made to discuss a group project? Stick to the scope of your assignment until the job gets done; you can fool around once the goal has been achieved.

Are you discussing on a possible college class reunion? Stick to that and leave news of how everyone is doing for your gathering. Anything else outside of the chat’s purpose can be dealt with in a private chat, or better yet, in person.

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