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6 Ways to Make Money with Facebook ? Know How ? [Infographic]

Facebook is the most popular Social networking site with over 1 billions active users and the second most visited site according to the latest alexa ranking. Most users on Facebook spend their time chatting with their friends,sharing all of sort of things like photo and so on ,liking, playing games and more. Although its fun using facebook but to me , i still believe they are wasting time , because they can earn money from some things they counted as play on Facebook.

Many people have succeeded in this task and they are earning more. So to describe to you about the earning tips here I like to share an InfoGraphic List of different ways to earn money from Facebook.

This awesome Infography was shared by alltechbuzz showing a listing of different methods to earn online with Facebook.

So How can we make money with <u.Facebook? Whether it is possible?

Yes! it is true ;) You can surely make money from Facebook by putting some effort on it. Mostly the ways used to earn money from Facebook are from

  • 1. Self Promoting,
    2. Paid Promoting,
    3. Affiliate Marketing
    4. Running Facebook Ads.
    5. By playing/using facebook Apps and Games.
    6.Selling your Facebook fan page and more. Interesting.


: For selling your Fanpage you need to have a huge number of likes so that it improve the organic traffic to your page or to your blog added there. And all those likes should be genuine one, not by using fake tricks e.g buying facebook likes or bots or something else. If you have these requirements then you can sell your fanpage any amount you which to sell it.. Whether it is simple? Yes off-course it is!
Likewise all the method will be so simple those are added in the below infographic which can easily describe you to get more knowledge about the marketing on Facebook.
The image below will explain all 6 things to do in other make money on facebook.



What do you think ?
Is this infographic helpful? Can this help you ? Do you think there is still more ways to earn from facebook , which i belive there is ,If you have then feel free to share them with us in comment below.

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