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6 Overlooked Home Office Essentials



Long range

More Australians than ever are now regularly working from home. As the main reason they say ‘to catch up’ on their heavy workloads. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of employed people who work from home has risen from 20 to 30% in 15 years. Others cite the benefits of having a rent-free office, flexible workspace arrangements and childcare reasons as the main motivators for working from home. While a laptop and a mobile phone are absolute essentials, there are other items that can make your home office competitive with professional office environments.

Long rangeLong range

One of the most important perks of working from home is not having to sit behind a desk all day. Take your correspondence outside? Work on your deck and enjoy the fresh morning air? Sure thing, but you need a solid home Internet connection all the way to your backyard. The Netgear R6300 Smart is one of those Wi-Fi routers that make others cry at night.

Who has your back?

An often overlooked piece of office equipment, the chair, is an area where most people try to save up a bit. Well, you are not going to be one of those people. Like a mattress you sleep on, your office chair is going to see a lot of your back end during the day, so spending extra money for an ergonomic design is something to consider. For a chair of the Herman Miller Aeron quality prepare to spend between $600 and $700.

Dame todo el power

After a power cut, even resetting an alarm clock is annoying, let alone starting on the project you’ve been working for two hours all over again. A universal power source like APC BG500 is a necessity. It can keep your desktop PC running for a while until the ‘yellow helmets’ fix the broken power lines. Apart from that, it safeguards your network by rebooting your router if the connectivity is lost and acts as a surge protector.

Storage warsStorage wars

Data storage backup, both cloud and local is essential for any home-officer. With a local unit like the ioSafe Solo G3 you are buying peace of mind. Not only does it protect 2 terabytes-worth of your PC or Mac data against system crashes, but it can sustain temperatures of 815 degrees C for 30 minutes and it can work underwater for three days after which you can still recover your data. Above all, if the unit fails, ioSafe pays up to $2,500 to recover the backed up material. Any questions?

Did you say fax or shred?

Important documents being shredded instead of Xeroxed was a recurring theme in many office sitcoms. But when you work from home, such kind of privacy is more than welcome. To protect your own business data as well as your clients’ details, invest in a powerful shredder like the Fellowes 73Ci. It cuts a single piece of paper into 400 pieces and is strong enough to deal with CDs and expired credit cards, too.

Who writes your labels?

Printing tags for files and binders or mailing labels on a regular office printer and then clipping and gluing them is painstaking and more importantly, time-consuming. Save both time and money with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 which lets you print labels directly from Microsoft® Word or Outlook®, QuickBooks®, CardScan®, Mac® Address Book and other popular programs. Print awesome name badges, shipping labels, folder tags and much more using advanced ink-free Thermal printing.

Apart from these, there are certainly other items that make your home office more comfortable. Depending on your type of work and the space you have, let this list be your starting point.


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