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5 Emerging Construction Technologies



5 Emerging Construction Technologies

Construction was always the cutting-edge industry. It used the advance of science and technology to improve its products and make them more affordable to consumers. The same trends continue to this day and we will soon live in futuristic homes made from the latest materials.

There’s also an ecological aspect to this process. All the new materials and technologies are made with a special concern for the way their use in construction impacts the environment. This means that homes of the future will be better integrated into the ecosystem in which they are made, and they’ll be far less wasteful.

Self-healing concreteSelf-healing concrete

Concrete is the most used material in the world. Almost all modern structures from roads and bridges to homes and churches are made out of it. It lasts for a long time but it needs to be repaired every now and then because it’s very prone to cracking. This was usually done by patching over the cracks, but now there’s a better way.

Now, concrete that’s mixed with a substance called sodium silicate has the ability to fix itself by releasing a gel-like agent that connects the concrete separated by the crack.

Transparent aluminum

There was a time when “clear metal” was something out of a science-fiction story. There was no material that was firm and durable as metal, but still clear and useable for decorative purposes like glass. This material would be best suited for making skyscrapers, that would need far less construction support and thus be taller and more spacious.

A new type of ceramic made from Aluminum, Oxygen, and Nitrogen possesses these qualities. It’s placed under great pressure and heated for days before it becomes transparent. After it’s polished it can be used as any other aluminum beam would be.

Off-site constructionOff-site construction

The biggest change for the construction process itself will be about the speed and ease with which the homes are going to be built. Most of the buildings could be prefabricated on brought on the construction site ready to be installed. This will make home building feel more like home assembling.

This approach will also cut the need for large equipment and complicated construction projects. Instead of large cranes, scissor lift for hire could be the only piece of equipment we’ll need to lift heavier objects and complete the tall structures.

Energy efficiency

One of the biggest concerns when making an eco-friendly home is how to make the construction energy efficient. This isn’t just important in terms of care for the environment it’s also a way for the homeowners to save on the utility bill, at least in the long run. It’s best to approach the issue early on, while the house is getting built.

So-called green walls are among the most popular ways to make the home more energy efficiency and add value to the property. Plants planted on the roof of the home or on its walls could significantly lower the energy needed to cool the place in summer and they create a unique aesthetic too.


Automation is changing all he businesses and construction is no exception. It cuts down costs in the long-term because machines cost less than human labor and the risk of accidents is greatly reduced. The process will start with the large construction companies but it will get to smaller ones as well in due time.


The first thing to be automated is transportation, self-driving trucks and drones that are due to hit the roads on a large scale any day now. But soon, the construction itself will be done by robots in some form.

New construction technologies will affect the industry in numerous ways. Some will lead to reduced cost, while other will have to result in new labor practices.

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