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5 Easy Ways to Find Amazing Sales Representatives



5 Easy Ways to Find Amazing Sales Representatives

The vast majority of small businesses fail in their first or second year just because of one simple reason – lack of sales. It doesn’t matter how great your company or your product is. What you need, especially as a small company, is a great sales rep that will convince people to buy your product.

Finding a great salesperson is not an easy task at all. In fact, it’s rather challenging. So, how do you start looking for that sales superstar that will make your business grow?

Hire someone you knowHire someone you know

No, not someone who’s your neighbor or an acquaintance. Start paying attention to people you’re in contact with when you go shopping. If someone is making you feel great while selling you something, don’t be afraid to offer them the job.

Start small by giving them a compliment and asking about how they feel working where you shop. If they give you a hint that they’re looking for a change – hire them. However, if they start slandering the company they work for, you might consider looking elsewhere.

Headhunt in a restaurant

Waiters and waitresses are often perfect for the job of a salesperson, even though they might not know it. They often deal with all kinds of people and they can read them quite well. They’re also often in situations in which they have to think on their feet, and that’s exactly the quality any salesperson should have.

Fortunately for you and your company, waiters are usually money-motivated, and there’s a big chance that they’ll accept your offer if you promise them big commissions or a job where they’ll feel they have an opportunity for promotion.

Use social mediaUse social media

LinkedIn is a powerful tool which you can use to find the exact type of person you need for the job. Advertise your company directly to salespeople and look at their qualifications and credentials. You can also join groups on LinkedIn to find out who great sellers are, and you might ask them if they have someone to recommend to you.

Using Facebook for recruiting people is also a good idea. Let everyone know on your Facebook page that you’re hiring and ask people to share your post. You’ll attract a large number of candidates, and you’ll also get some free marketing, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Recruitment agencies

If you want to find someone who’s experienced, reliable, and able to start working yesterday, so to speak, then you might consider using the services of agencies that deal with sales recruitment in Sydney or Melbourne. These agencies are often in contact with many salespeople who’re looking for a job, and their candidates are usually well-trained.

A recruitment agency can save you and your HR days of ‘wasted’ time because it will only send you the resumes of those candidates who are worth considering, and they’ll even schedule interviews for you. You just have to turn up and have a quick chat with an experienced candidate.

Use word of mouthUse word of mouth

Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a motivated and persuasive salesperson. Tell your friends, your colleagues, your suppliers, and even your clients. By doing this, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of hiring a wrong person.

No one will ever recommend a person who’s not really for the job. It’s a matter of human psychology. No one wants to be responsible for a failure.

Don’t make the biggest mistake of them all when interviewing a candidate for the job. Don’t talk about the business only. Ask many different questions and see what kind of person the candidate is. You can find out a lot about any potential candidate if you get them talking.


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