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5 Creative Marketing Ideas



5 Creative Marketing Ideas

Whatever your business is and however innovative you are – you need to have a marketing campaign that sets you apart from the competitors.  Your goal should be to represent your business in a unique way and create a brand that’s memorable for both the users and the rest of the industry.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive concept; all you need is something that represents what your business is about while making an impression on potential buyers. When you choose the strategy, make sure you understand the users and to have their interest in mind.

Host an event

Corporate events are a big thing within the industry. They are used to create hype around your product or service and to get as many people from the industry in one place. That’s also a good way to make connections, start new business ventures, and make your name in your field.

The marketing of these events should be a promotional tool in itself. Build up the anticipation for the event by creating a couple of smaller events leading up to it. Just have in mind that this also means that the event shouldn’t disappoint when it actually takes place.

Publish a bookPublish a book

At this point in time, self-publishing is easier than ever. You basically don’t need any resources, except the time and effort needed to write the book. When you publish it, you could either charge for it like you would for any other product or you could use it strictly as a gift and a promotional tool.

The book could be about your business and its mission in the world. Bear in mind that it should be about more than just corporate phrases. Your company should actually have a mission in the world if you want to write about it.

Promotional products

Promotional products are among the least expensive marketing tools and they are often the most effective. These products are usually something that people use in their day to day office lives and that’s easy to pass around. However, these items should still be nice enough and functional enough to bear your logo and business information.

The most common options are pens, notebooks, flash drives or T-shirts. But you could also get more creative than that and order stress balls like the ones you get from Stressball Planet. Executives need these and it’s a good time to take notice of your logo written on them.

Limited edition products

There’s one rule to marketing that’s important above any other: if you create urgency people will buy more of your products. It doesn’t matter what the product is and how fake the urgency is, if people see that something is limited edition, they will rush to get it.

It takes some extra money to create these special products and to promote them, but the return in investments more than covers for it. When the initial hype wears of, a lot of customers will remain with your business now that they’ve gotten to know it.


E-mail doesn’t seem like a very sophisticated way to promote your business; it even looks a bit outdated. However, it’s still one of the most useful promotional channels out there. It’s one of the cheapest ways to promote your business, but it comes with many benefits.


E-mails allow the readers to get into the details of your business, its products and all the ways it could change their life. Social media aren’t well suited to this because they are too fast-paced. E-mails have a much better response rate.

When you try to market your business, you need to get creative and save money wherever you can. However, this doesn’t mean that your campaign needs to suffer – in fact, the quality could be improved.

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