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4 Branding Tips to Keep you on Top in 2017



Whether we like it or not, the success of a business today doesn’t depend only on the quality of the product it yields. Big companies are getting bigger and start-up enterprises are sprouting like shots of young grass in spring. In an environment like this, no business can move from point A to point B without a successful marketing strategy, with a strong emphasis on branding. Whoever wants to achieve something in the business world needs to focus their efforts in that direction. You can use some of these strategies to make your brand grow in 2017.

Who are you?

In the core of every powerful brand lies a strong identity. What is more, the biggest part of that identity is of visual nature. Bear in mind that a great way to advertise your product is no less important than having a great product in the first place. When choosing a name, pay attention to what branding experts tell you and avoid common mistakes. The name needs to be catchy and evoke feelings you want your product to evoke. It always pays off to invest in a great design with a powerful colour scheme that will make your company easily recognizable, but also look stylish. When you think about some of the greatest brands in the world, it’s clear that their logos have become symbols on their own, replacing the company name completely.

Who are your followers?

No branding effort can be successful without a target audience at which it is directed. Still, having a clearly defined target audience is essential, but you have to make the next step – to turn that audience into a community. Exploit the natural need of human beings to belong to a group. This is a behaviour you want to capitalize upon. The sense of togetherness can be achieved in several ways. Establish a personal contact with your customer base, which is especially easy on social media. Look out for their niche hang outs and encourage them to share their own stories. Nothing is more valuable than genuine unaltered customer experience. Your loyalty campaigns and rewards can easily convert people from ordinary users into fiery promoters of your brand.

What is your story?

From the earliest days of mankind, great stories have held communities together. They are an inseparable streak of our genetic material. Global brands are fully aware of our need to pass on a word, and use it to great advantage. There are many successful brands that rely on stories in their marketing campaigns. Still, how can you come up with one? It needs to be fascinating, involving and naturally, present a clear relation to your brand. Remember that when it comes to appealing to customers, emotions are often a more powerful drive than other more rational methods. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional assistance from digital advertising agency when creating a story. A well-thought branding story can spread across communities like a wildfire and become synonymous with your brand.

What are your values?

What core values your company represents do you think might appeal to your intended pool of customers? Some groups will appreciate family values, others adventure, femininity, friendship, etc. Depending on your target audience, try to experiment and think of values that you would like to associate your brand with. Common values that are shared within the community are a powerful uniting force that holds the brand and its followers together.


It is becoming increasingly more difficult to make your brand stand out by just providing superb products or services. Although having great merchandise is the foundation every company lies upon, it alone is not enough to move it forward. These strategies are designed to help you build a resilient brand that will stand out among the competition.

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