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3 Strong Reasons Why Google Windows 8 Modern UI App is Better Than Bing

To ease the searching needs of Windows 8 RT tablet users, Microsoft provides an in-house Bing Search Modern UI app. As expected, to make the search experience even better Google had just recently launched their own Modern UI  search application for Windows 8. And it trumps the Bing app in certain areas


After working on both these apps for quite some time, I found that the latter was like three times better than the current version of the former app. And to support my finding, here are three amazing features of the Google app that outsmart the Bing one.
1.  Voice Recognition
While doing a web search what would you love more – typing down the search query or speaking it out to your  computer? I guess most of you would like the second option and that’s the first reason to love the Google Search App. While in Bing App you can only type in the query, you can speak it out to Google Search.


When you speak out the query, the app will dig in and show all the words it recognizes right below them.and when you make a brief pause, it does a web search in no time.
2. Page Preview
The Google Search app provides preview of all the web pages right in the app itself to help you decide which page you will find interesting. After you do a search, simply click on the preview mode to see all the results in web page preview mode that shows the results one after another with the link and descriptions

Bing search on the other hand only shows plain, monotonous text based search results arranged in Windows 8 tile format.
3. In App Result Display
When you click on a search result to open it, Bing opens the result in your default browser while Google opens it up in the app itself. So if you open a result in Bing which does not answer your query and you want to search the web again, you would have to open the Bing app again and again which is a serious time waster!


However, in the Google search app, the results open up in the app itself with the search baralways at the top so that you can always do a new search if are not satisfied. Later, if you would like, you can right-click on the app and select the optionOpen in browser. So more choices here.
So these were three good reasons to download and use the Google Modern UI Search App on Windows 8 rather than default Bing Search. The only thing I liked about Bing search  is the beautiful backgrounds it displays while doing a search..



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