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3 Best Things About InnJoo One

Segun Balogun



In Nigerian mobile phone market, which is dominated by internationally famous brands like Apple, HTC, and Samsung, every new smartphone model faces a strong competition. In order to captivate the customers’ hearts, a new mobile phone needs to possess both outstanding technological features and eye-catching design. The InnJoo One, which debuted in early 2015, managed to achieve even more than that and has become one of the top selling smartphones of its price range. Find out what makes the One such a popular model.


InnJoo advertised its One smartphone as the one that sports a completely new design and aesthetics. However, buyers couldn’t help but notice its similarity to the iconic iPhone. The similarities are especially striking when you look at the rounded corners or the refined materials of the InnJoo One. Nevertheless, no one can say that the One isn’t an attractive-looking phone, given that it’s notably lighter and thinner than its predecessors. Thanks to the combination of exquisite styling and quality materials, the InnJoo One feels like a high-end device despite its affordable price.



Although it’s no secret that smartphones today have a limited life cycle and are designed in a way to make you buy a new one every couple of years, the InnJoo one is a fairly durably mobile phone. The durability qualities start at its 5-inch screen that is covered with Dragontrail Glass, which can give you years of active use without any major scratches or cracks in the screen. The InnJoo one was built with reliability in mind, which you can feel every time you use your phone.



Since nowadays mobile phones are expected to double as computers in our everyday lives, it’s essential for a phone to provide the level of performance expected by the customers. Luckily, the InnJoo One doesn’t disappoint in this regard, mainly thanks to its Quad-core chipset, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera with autofocus, and 16GB of internal storage. Combine these features with a mighty 2700mAh battery, and you’ll get a powerful device that is perfect for running graphics-intensive games and business apps.


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